At Tulip, we have the utmost respect for the men and women who take care of patients before they pass. You are experts at caring for those who are in their final days and weeks. Your knowledge, comfort, and insight are invaluable and we know how much families trust and rely on you.

We’ve designed Tulip Cares Professional to offer you resources to make your jobs just a bit easier. We’ve reached out to trained hospice and palliative nurses and other end of life care professionals to design resources they wish they had to share with families. We’ll also include articles and tools to help explain funeral and cremation planning so you can better guide families through the next phase in their loved one’s journey.

As you explore our site, we hope you find helpful information to assist you in caring for your patients and their families. We thank you for the work that you do, and hope Tulip Cares can serve as a tool for you and the families you serve.

Paid or Unpaid, U.S. Caregivers Represent a “Cornerstone of Society”

Whether they are loving family members or paid healthcare and social services professionals, the dedicated individuals who identify as U.S. “caregivers” represent profoundly significant sources of support to anyone who is sick or nearing the end of life. According to recent data, the number of paid and unpaid caregivers continues to grow, the stresses and…

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