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Wheat Ridge Cremation

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 About Tulip Wheat Ridge

Choose Tulip’s Wheat Ridge team for the most straightforward, transparent direct cremation service available. We’re here for you 24/7 over the phone or online to serve you and your family. With Tulip, you don’t have to travel to a funeral home to make arrangements or organize a memorial service. Tulip’s 100% remote arrangements allow you more time to spend with family or plan a memorial service. Our team of dedicated family care specialists and licensed funeral directors are here to support you. Losing a loved one is never easy, but Tulip keeps it simple when you need to make funeral arrangements. 

Let our Wheat Ridge, Colorado team take care of everything:  

  • Transporting your loved one into our care
  • Filing all paperwork 
  • Performing the cremation
  • Safely returning the ashes home to you

Wheat Ridge Direct Cremation Starting at $1,195


For families who have just lost a loved one and require cremation services now.


For families expecting a loved one to pass soon and want to plan for cremation. 

Plan Ahead 

For individuals and couples who want to make cremation arrangements for the future. 

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Helpful Contact Information

Click here for information about Tulip Regional Offices, lists of the County Coroners’ Offices and County Health Departments in Colorado.

Tulip Regional Office


Tulip’s Colorado Regional Office


31919 6th Avenue South
Federal Way, WA 98003


100 Jefferson County Parkway
Golden, CO 80419


645 Parfet Street
Lakewood, CO 80215

Wheat Ridge Cremation Arrangements: Where to Begin 

The process with Tulip’s Wheat Ridge team is simple. You call or visit us online 24/7 to begin. We work with local hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and medical examiners to provide a seamless transition into our care. After we verify the passing from a person of authority, we carefully and respectfully collect and transport your loved one from the place of death. A licensed funeral director and certified cremation operator follow our strict protocol for security and privacy. Once our process begins, we will keep you updated. 

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About Direct Cremation

Tulip cremation in Wheat Ridge is a quick, effective process. We take care of everything for you. Once we receive your loved one into our care and check the paperwork, we perform the cremation privately in a local crematory. Afterward, we return the ashes to you safely via USPS Priority Mail. 

We make every part of funeral planning as convenient and straightforward as possible. Tulip families have access to a free online obituary platform, expert advice guides, and a digital storefront where you can find a wide variety of urns, keepsakes, and jewelry. 

Planning the Memorial

After a simple direct cremation, hosting a unique memorial service for your loved one in Wheat Ridge is common. Tulip cremation services do not include a memorial, so you can create a one-of-a-kind life celebration when, where, and how you wish. Your timeframe, budget, and guest list are entirely up to you. You don’t have to rush. Take your time creating something truly unique and beautiful to honor your loved one’s life and memory in a way only you can. We have ideas and inspiration on our website to help get you started. 

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Remembering Your Loved One

After the memorial, many Tulip families in Wheat Ridge want a permanent memorialization option for their loved ones. Cremation provides many thoughtful and meaningful memorialization options. You may wish to have a permanent place to gather and remember in a cemetery, cremation garden, or columbarium. From biodegradable scattering tubes to elegant urns, you will find a perfect way to honor their memory for years to come.

Cost of Cremation in Wheat Ridge, Colorado

The cost of a traditional funeral, especially with burial services, can fall between $4,000 and $20,000. These prices are often much more than most people expect. Even when you choose cremation through a funeral home, you could pay as much as $6,000, depending on the package and services. Tulip’s simple direct cremation is much more affordable for many families. If you are still interested in working with a traditional funeral home, find a provider that is transparent with you and respects your budgetary needs.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Tulip’s direct cremation services have no hidden costs. We provide local families with simple, transparent cremation arrangements. You may take advantage of payment options that make our cremations even more affordable and accessible.


Our Promise

Simple & Direct Services

Tulip makes arranging cremation simple, without the need to visit a funeral home. Get a quote in seconds from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Exceptional Care

Our low-cost direct cremation is delivered with exceptional care. Your comfort and the security of your loved one are at the heart of our services.

Transparent Pricing

Tulip never sells you products or services that you do not want or need. You pay only for what you need at the time of service or with a simple payment plan, with no hidden costs.


Plan Ahead with Tulip

Tulip’s Wheat Ridge cremation is here for you wherever and whenever you need us. Trust our five-star team to provide the best simple direct cremation service available at the best price possible. If you don’t need us immediately but want to plan for the future, we also have options for you. Planning your cremation helps your family carry out your wishes in the future without worry or uncertainty. Visit our plan ahead page online to learn more.

Colorado Counties We Serve

  • Adams
  • Arapahoe
  • Broomfield
  • Clear Creek
  • Douglas
  • Gilpin
  • Jefferson
  • Park
  • Teller

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