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About Tulip’s Oakland Cremation Services

Tulip’s care team serves Oakland families as they deal with the loss of a loved one. We provide the simplest, most transparent direct cremation available. Our licensed funeral directors and dedicated Family Care Team are here to help you every step of the way, whenever you need us. With Tulip, you can make all arrangements online or over the phone, on your own schedule, and from the comfort of your home. There’s no need to go to a funeral home. Trust our Oakland County team to ensure that your loved one is cared for at every step in the cremation process so that you can focus on creating and hosting the right memorial.

We take care of everything for Oakland families:

Transporting your loved one into our care
Filing all paperwork
Performing the cremation
Safely returning the ashes home to you

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Immediate need

For families who have just lost a loved one and require immediate cremation services.


For families expecting a loved one to pass in the next 6 months and want to plan for cremation.

Plan ahead for direct cremation services

For individuals and couples planning for their own funeral services and cremations services in the future.

Oakland Cremation Services: Where to Begin

You can make arrangements for Tulip’s affordable cremation services over the phone or online. We make it simple and easy, without pressure or added expense. Tulip offers additional online services, including access to our free obituaries platform, options to purchase personalized urns and memorialization pieces to remember your loved one, and more.

All of our services are offered remotely but without compromising our commitment to exceptional customer care. Our care team is available 365 days, 24/7, to answer all your questions.

About Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is a simple, dignified service – you pay for just what you need and nothing more. By offering all of our services remotely, we are able to cut costs and offer you more affordable memorial and burial options. Our licensed cremation providers perform a private cremation without a memorial service at a traditional funeral home establishment. Tulip’s simple and affordable cremation services give you time to arrange a more personalized memorial or celebration of life.

Tulip’s Oakland cremation team provides 5-star service, and our online care team is here for your family around the clock. We make the process as simple and stress-free as possible so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

Planning a Memorial

Direct cremation takes place within a few days of your loved one’s passing. Planning and hosting a memorial service takes place whenever you’re ready. With Tulip, you don’t have to rush into a funeral service or celebration of life right away. You can take your time to create a personalized memorial, on a schedule that works best for you and your family. And our affordable cremation services allow you to budget accordingly for a unique and loving memorial. We’ve put together this article to help you consider all available options as you plan your loved one’s personalized memorial service.

Remembering Your Loved One

Tulip helps families in Alameda County and throughout Oakland find special ways to memorialize their loved ones. Our online cremation services include resources and links that make it easier for your family to cherish and remember your loved one. Some families prefer to keep their loved one’s ashes at home, while others choose a biodegradable urn to scatter at sea. Whether you prefer to keep your loved one close with customized jewelry or plant a living memorial, Tulip offers many options for you to consider.

Cost of Cremation in Oakland, CA

The cost of funeral and cremation services vary, depending on the funeral home. More American families are choosing cremation rather than a traditional burial. According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), the average cost for cremation with memorial service at a funeral home is $6,970. Direct cremation is much less expensive because you pay only for the service that you need.

It is not unseemly to consider your family’s finances as you deal with a loved one’s passing. Be cautious about funeral homes with aggressive sales and marketing tactics. If you are interested in traditional burial or cremation services, look for a licensed funeral operator that respects your wishes and your budget.

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Simple, Transparent Pricing

With Tulip’s direct cremation services, there are no hidden costs, ever. You only pay for what you need. We also have payment options that make our cremations affordable and accessible for families throughout Oakland.
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Our Promise

Simple & Direct Services

Tulip makes arranging cremation simple. Get a quote in seconds from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Exceptional Care

Tulip keeps your loved one’s security and dignity at the center of our cremation services. Our low-cost direct cremation is delivered with exceptional care.

Transparent Pricing

Tulip never sells you products or services that you do not want or need. You pay only for what you need at the time of service or over time, with no hidden costs.

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Oakland Local Information

Click here for information about Tulip Regional Offices, Alameda County Coroners’ Offices and official record agency in Oakland, California.

See Our Reviews

Excellent communication, customer service and prices. Called them after we canceled Best Cremation Care because of poor service. Tulip stepped in and handled everything with kindness and care. Thank you!

Desley B.

Oakland, CA

I found Tulip Cremation on Yelp and am so glad I did. From the initial contact through receipt of the remains everything was handled with care and professionalism. When a loved one passes, it’s extremely stressful and you have a million things to coordinate. It was nice to have an organization like Tulip handle the most sensitive part so well.

Steve G.

Alameda, CA

Respectful, easy to work with, took care of everything that needed to be done, kind, and lastly, quite affordable

Sylvia S.

Oakland, CA

Simply the best. Months before my wife died, I set up arrangements with tulip. They were very thorough in setting up everything. When my wife died they handled everything without me needing to deal with things and letting me devote myself to my grieving and family. They are thorough, compassionate, efficient, and communicative. I cannot recommend them too highly.

Robert M.

Alameda, CA

Plan Ahead with Tulip

Tulip’s Oakland cremation service is simple and affordable. Our care team is available 24/7 to help you make immediate cremation arrangements by phone or online. We can also help individuals and families who want to plan ahead. Our prepaid cremation arrangements give you the peace of mind that your wishes are respected and that your loved ones won’t have to worry. Direct cremation is a dignified and respectful alternative to traditional burial or funeral services at a fraction of the cost. Our compassionate and experienced care team is here to help today and in the future. For more information, visit our Plan Ahead page.

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