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Celebrating Summer

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Life is opening up again for many cities across the country and this summer there is much more to celebrate than last. After a year of socially distanced gatherings and isolation, we are excited to fill up our calendars again and experience the joy of reconnecting with those we love after far too much time apart. But many of us wonder, what should we do?

Read on for ideas on how to make the most of these warm summer months with those we love. 

Plan a celebration to remember and celebrate those we’ve lost. Local guidelines and safety regulations have made it difficult to celebrate those we’ve lost this past year. Now that it’s safer to gather with our families and friends, plan a party or life celebration in honor of those we’ve lost. Carving out time to share memories and photographs with those who loved them most is a beautiful way to acknowledge our grief and begin to heal. 

Enjoy a movie night. Ask everyone to clear their calendars for a family movie night at home. Make fresh popcorn and buy your favorite candy to make the experience special. Include the whole family by asking everyone to write a movie down on a piece of paper and randomly select one each week. 

Relax with a picnic or BBQ in the park. Enjoy the weather with an outdoor meal at your local park. If you’re feeling lazy, pick up sandwiches from the grocery store or order takeout. Make sure to bring a soccer ball or frisbee to keep the whole family entertained.

Host a potluck. Ask your friends to bring their favorite quarantine dish to your house for a group potluck dinner. Enjoy each other’s company and cooking, without having to plan or cook too much yourself.  

Host a game night. Have a weekly game night. Each week, ask a different friend to host and choose a new game.  

Plan a scavenger hunt. Get creative and design a scavenger hunt around your house or neighborhood. Let the winner pick the movie for movie night or bake a dessert just for them! 

Throw an ice cream party. Ask everyone their favorite ice cream flavors and toppings and create an ice cream bar the whole family will enjoy. To make it unique, include cookies and bananas so people can create ice cream sandwiches or sundaes, too!

If you’re looking to plan ahead, Tulip can help you get started. Use our online tool to get a free quote in minutes. Plan everything online or over the phone without ever leaving your home.