Why We Observe Memorial Day

What began as an informal tribute in the turbulent aftermath of the Civil War, became a federal holiday dedicated to America’s fallen service members. Learn why this solemn celebration is always the last Monday in May, the significance of red poppies, and how you can pay respect to the men and women who made the…

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Healthy Planet, Healthier People

April brings three special celebrations: Earth Day, Arbor Day, and World Health Day, whose 2022 theme is “Our Planet, Our Health.” We constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and develop greener processes. Every day is Earth Day for each of us – businesses, governments, and citizens — everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable. At…

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Tulip Social Work Appreciation

Social Workers Play Valuable Healthcare Roles

When the doctors gathered by my father’s bedside in August of 2007 to tell him that their week-long efforts to stop his internal bleeding had been unsuccessful, it was the hospital social worker who stepped in and made a difficult conversation about end-of-life care understandable in words that were simple, compassionate, and empowering. The doctors…

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