Affordable Direct Cremation in Fresno

Tulip provides a simple, affordable direct cremation package to families in Fresno County, starting at just $750. Arrange everything online or over the phone.

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The Tulip Difference

Grieving the loss of a loved one can be a difficult and complicated process—particularly if the responsibility of arranging their cremation rests on your shoulders. At Tulip Cremation, we offer Fresno, CA a simple direct cremation service that makes planning your loved one’s cremation as easy as possible.

We guide you through each and every step of the process, with regular updates to keep your mind at ease and no hidden fees. Should you have questions or concerns at any point during the process, our Family Care Team will be ready to answer your call anytime, day or night.

Simple process

We have designed the easiest process in Fresno County. Everything can be arranged online or over the phone in a matter of minutes.

Transparent prices

We are proud to offer the most affordable cremation service in Fresno. Our package includes everything - we promise never to up sell you things you don’t need.

Exceptional care

The Family Care Team are local experts. They are available 24 /7 to answer questions. Call us today to learn how we can help your family.

Tulip Cremation keeps things simple during a difficult time

Direct cremation should be exactly that—direct. Our service starts with a simple quote calculator to help you determine which of our service options are right for your family and your budget. From there, you can contact us online or by phone to arrange your loved one’s cremation.

We’ll take care of everything from transportation to returning your loved one’s ashes home to you. We’ll even help with the paperwork, including registering your loved one’s death and acquiring any necessary permits or death certificate copies you may need for planning a memorial service. Through it all, our Family Care Team will be available day and night to support and assist you in any way we can.

The Tulip Package

Direct cremation takes place in the days immediately following the passing and without a funeral service beforehand.

Our direct cremation package includes everything you need:

  • Services of a licensed funeral director
  • Collection & care of your loved one
  • Filing of all necessary paperwork & permits
  • A dignified private cremation
  • The ashes returned to you in a simple container

The most affordable cremation service in Fresno

It’s an unfortunate truth that many funeral homes take advantage of a person’s natural desire to honor their loved one’s memory by offering elaborate service packages at extravagant prices. A traditional funeral service can cost several thousands of dollars thanks to “additional features” and extra fees hidden in the fine print.

Starting at $750, our direct cremation service is by far the most affordable option in Fresno. We’re upfront about our pricing model, and we pride ourselves on offering expert support you can trust. If you want to learn more before making a decision, feel free to contact our team anytime—you’ll be under no obligation, and no pressure, to make a purchase. We’re here to help.

We guide you through the process each step of the way

Direct cremation typically takes 2 weeks

Step 01You arrange

Call our dedicated Care Team or make the arrangements online.

Step 02We collect

We collect your loved one from anywhere in Fresno County.

Step 03We register

We register the death and obtain copies of the death certificate on your behalf.

Step 04We return

We return your loved one’s ashes by fully-trackable mail, hand-delivery, or you can collect the ashes in person (in select regions).

Tulip’s direct cremation service is low-cost — but high-quality

Despite offering the lowest-cost cremation service in California, our service is also one of the most highly rated, and 95% of families we’ve helped would refer us. Whether you live in the Tower District or Huntington Boulevard, we’re dedicated to putting you and your family first, always. People from anywhere in the country can call and order our service.

Our process is simple, but dignified. Your loved one’s cremation will be overseen by an experienced funeral director. At the end of the process, we’ll deliver your loved one to you in a secure and elegant container via USPS Priority Mail Express. Hand-delivery is also available in select California counties.


Very professional, friendly, and helpful answering our questions and accommodating our needs. The process is quick and affordable.

Christopher M.

I think this was the easiest and most efficient way to handle and already stressful and emotional event. Trustworthy reliable and kept me undated on each step of the process. Thank you for your assistance.

Delita A.

It was totally easy, efficient, uncomplicated and a great price. The whole event was handled via phone, email, and online. What could be easier and to save hundreds over local cremation. Direct cremation is the way to go and avoid the hassle and expense of funeral homes.

Jimmy B.

Where to memorialize your loved one in the Fresno area

One of the benefits of choosing direct cremation is that, once the cremation itself is complete, you won’t have to worry about the strict schedules and timetables typical of most funeral home service packages. You’ll be free to take your time in choosing what type of memorial and service would best suit your family. Many prefer to keep their loved one’s ashes at home, but in Fresno you may also choose to:

  • Bury their ashes in a cemetery or churchyard, such as St. Peter’s Cemetery or Belmont Memorial Park.
  • Inter their ashes in a columbarium, such as the Chapel of the Light Columbarium in West Fresno or the Hope Memorial Grove and Columbarium in Hoover.
  • Scatter their ashes by air or on land. Some ideal options for this type of service in Fresno include scattering in public parks like Woodward Park or over landmarks like the historic Old Fresno Water Tower.

Wherever you choose to hold your memorial service, be sure to contact the owners or appropriate authorities first for permission and information on any permits you may need before proceeding. Tulip can provide you with a burial permit (also known as a permit for disposition) to make arranging a memorial as easy as possible.

Cremation in Fresno

We are proud to offer our simple, affordable direct cremation services in Fresno, Clovis, Sanger and the surrounding towns and cities.

Where do you require our services?

Death certificates and coroner fees

Death Certificates
Cost $22 for each certified copy in Fresno. You can order the death certificates online, by mail or in person (see full instructions here). If you wish to purchase the death certificates in person, the address is:

Vital Records - 830 Scenic Drive
Modesto, CA 95350

Coroner Fees
In Fresno, coroner fees have to be paid by the funeral home on behalf of the family. The charge for collection is $100 - there is no daily storage fee.

Finding the best cremation service in Fresno, CA

Saying goodbye is hard—but Tulip’s direct cremation service can help make it a little bit easier. With the expert guidance of our dedicated Family Care Team, you’ll be able to arrange your loved one’s cremation without worry or confusion, and without paying more than you can afford.

Whenever you need us, we’ll be here. Contact us by phone or online anytime to get started.