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About Tulip Concord

Tulip’s cremation services in Concord offer families in Contra Costa County the most transparent and easy to arrange direct cremation services available. There’s no need to visit a funeral home. Our 100 percent remote services allow you to make immediate or preneed arrangements from the comfort of your home. Our compassionate Care Team is available 24/7 to help you, whether online or by phone.

Our licensed funeral directors take care of all the details. Tulip Concord combines five-star service with affordability, allowing you to focus on planning an exceptional service or celebration of life.

Our Concord, CA cremation services cover every detail, including:

Transporting your loved one into our care
Filing all paperwork
Performing the cremation
Safely returning the ashes home to you

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Immediate need

Families who have just lost a loved one and require immediate cremation services.


Families who expect a loved one to pass in the next six months and want to plan for cremation.

Plan ahead for direct cremation services

Individuals and couples who want to plan for cremation in the future.

Concord Cremation Arrangements: Where to Begin

Tulip is the nation’s largest provider of direct cremation services. We keep our process simple, affordable and dignified without the added pressure or expense you often find in a traditional funeral home experience. Simply contact Tulip anytime, day or night, for personalized assistance from a compassionate care team member.
Tulip offers additional online services, including access to our free obituaries platform, options to purchase personalized urns and memorialization pieces to remember your loved one, and more. Our complete attention to detail lets you focus on planning a unique and personalized memorial.

About Direct Cremation

Also called simple cremation, Tulip’s direct cremation service includes taking your loved one into our care. After getting the necessary paperwork, our licensed cremation providers perform a private, respectful cremation without witnesses. We securely return your loved one in a simple container or a more elaborate urn of your choosing.

You pay only for what you need when choosing Tulip Concord for direct cremation. There are no hidden costs or aggressive sales tactics. This affordable, straightforward process appeals to many California families who find direct cremation is more flexible when planning a memorial.

Planning a Memorial

Direct cremation takes place within a few days of your loved one’s passing, but it’s up to you when you hold a memorial or celebration of life. There’s no expensive or required memorial service at a traditional funeral home. Feel free to take your time and create a personalized memorial when, where, and how you wish.

There are many ways to honor your loved one following direct cremation. We’ve put together this article to help you consider the many available options for planning your loved one’s personalized memorial service.

Remembering Your Loved One

Direct cremation provides numerous options for memorializing your loved one. You may bury their ashes in a traditional cemetery plot, inter them in a columbarium, or within a memory garden. Some Concord families prefer to keep their loved one’s ashes at home, while others choose a biodegradable urn for scattering. From planting a tree to creating one-of-a-kind memorial jewelry, Tulip’s online resources and links make it easier for your family to cherish and remember your loved one.

Cost of Cremation in Concord, CA

It is not unseemly to consider family finances when dealing with a loved one’s passing. Some families prefer the convenience and lower cost of direct cremation to have additional resources for memorialization.

The prices of burial and traditional cremations vary, depending on the funeral home and selected options. Traditional burial services cost anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000, depending on the provider and package options.

Cremation costs range from $600 to $5,000 depending on whether you choose direct cremation services or select traditional cremation through a funeral home. Direct cremation is much less expensive because you pay only for the service you want and need.

If you are interested in traditional burial or cremation funeral services, look for a licensed funeral provider who respects your wishes and budget.

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Simple, Transparent Pricing

Tulip’s direct cremation services have no hidden costs. We provide Concord, CA, families with simple, transparent cremation arrangements. We have payment options that make our cremations even more affordable and accessible.
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Our Promise

Simple & Direct Services

Tulip makes arranging cremation simple, without the need to visit a funeral home. Get a quote in seconds from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Exceptional Care

Our affordable direct cremation is delivered with exceptional care. Your comfort and the security of your loved one are at the heart of our services.

Transparent Pricing

Tulip never sells you products or services that you do not want or need. You pay only for what you need at the time of service or with a simple payment plan with no hidden costs.

Cities We Serve

Concord Local Information

A convenient resource for local information, including medical examiners (coroners) and death records.

See Why Families Choose Tulip

“We have used Tulip Cremation twice in the past few years for our mothers. Now we are set up for them to handle our uncle’s cremation when that service might be needed. There were so many things about Tulip that we loved. We loved their great customer service, their reasonable price, the fact that I could reserve that price with a credit card for a later time, and many other small and large things. We have had nothing but good experiences with Tulip.”

Jilda L.

“Tulip’s Care Team was excellent with communicating with me about the entire process for my aunt. There was never a minute where I wondered what was going on, and the process concluded easily. I was able to do the additional tree planting tribute through them as well. Highly recommended!”

Caris T.

“If a simple cremation is what you require, I highly recommend Tulip. The process is simple, and I was able to make all arrangements before my mother’s passing in less than 20 minutes all from my cell phone. Once their service was required about a day later, everything was taken care of from transportation (with) USPS delivery to my door with email updates every step of the way. This service made a difficult experience much easier than I had expected at an affordable price.”

Cameron G.

“Kind, caring people. It was great to be able to set everything up ahead of the need; all it took was a phone call when the time came, and Tulip took care of everything. They kept us informed of every step of the process once they had our loved one. Excellent experience.”

Rebecca C.

Plan Ahead with Tulip

Direct cremation is a dignified and respectful alternative to traditional burial or funeral services at a fraction of the cost. Tulip’s cremation service in Concord is affordable and straightforward. Our care team is available 24/7 to help you make immediate or future cremation arrangements by phone or online.

Our preplan cremation arrangements give you the peace of mind that your wishes are respected and that your loved ones won’t have to worry. Our compassionate and experienced care team is here to help today and in the future. For more information, visit our Plan Ahead page.