The Tulip Guide


Losing a loved one is not only one of the hardest things to go through, but also new to many people. The Tulip Cremation Guide has been written to help you through the process, to make sure you make the right decision for you and your loved one.

The Tulip Care Team is also available 24 hours a day, to answer any questions you have about the process.

What is direct cremation?

by Amelia Gallegos

Simply put, direct cremation (sometimes called simple cremation) is the most basic form of cremation. Your loved one is collected, the cremation takes place without witnesses, and the ashes are...

What does cremation cost?

by Kelly Guyon

The average cost of cremation in the US, according to the National Funeral Directors Association, is $6,078 with a ceremony and viewing, or $2,300 for a direct cremation. Prices vary by state, too - the most expensive...

Death certificates - what, why and how many?

by Matt Morgan

A death certificate is an official document that proves that someone has passed away. This is important for families who need to close accounts and access benefits. Death certificates are also used by the government...

Who is the Next of Kin?

by Matt Morgan

What does ‘Next of Kin’ mean? The next of kin is a person who can make legal decisions (like choosing between burial and cremation) after someone passes away. In the US, a surviving...