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It’s Your Life: Write Your Eulogy


What will your loved ones say about you? One way to ensure your story is told is to write it yourself. Keep reading to learn more about writing your own eulogy when you make preplan arrangements.  

The great writer Flannery O’Connor said, “A story is a way to say something that can’t be said any other way.” A eulogy — a remembrance speech at a funeral — often includes stories about the departed loved one. Yet how many of us know the whole story and unique path of even those closest to us?

It’s not egotistical to write your eulogy. Many funeral homes encourage people to think about their favorite memory or story they would like to share at their memorial service. Writing a eulogy is an essential step in funeral planning. 

Here are a few reasons why writing your story is a beautiful gift to your loved ones after you’re gone.

Only You Know Who and What Matters Most

Have you attended a funeral or memorial and heard a eulogy that was so generic or vague that it could have applied to anyone? A eulogy should honor the specific characteristics, passions, accomplishments, and quirks of a loved one. Great eulogies often include stories. By writing your own, the most important people and events in your life will be given the proper attention they deserve.

Your Eulogy Is Your Voice

Everyone has a voice that is not just your physical voice's cadence, volume, or accent. It is your unique way of communicating with words. When you write your eulogy, you give your loved ones a final message in your particular style. A self-written funeral speech is a particularly moving gift for people who unexpectedly lost a loved one. 

Your Story Is Worthy of an Audience

Writing your story or eulogy is a chance for people to know about your triumphs, challenges, and everything that makes you unique. Your story should be heard by those you love and those that loved you.

Before You Start Writing

How do you begin writing your story? Eulogies are similar to a highlight reel. They should capture “the best of” your life without making you sound like a saint…because no one is. 

While eulogies are often in the third person point of view (“he,” “she,” “they”), you might want to write it from a first-person perspective (“I”). 

Eulogies are usually ten minutes or shorter. Once you have a rough draft of your life story, you should read it aloud for length and clarity. 

Remember your audience. Think about the message you want to give them. Is it to live boldly and embrace change? To serve others and live within specific religious or spiritual guidelines? 

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Eulogy Examples: Helpful Hints 

Your opening line should set the theme.

For example:

  • “The greatest advice I can give is to approach every challenge as an opportunity for growth.”
  • “My life’s journey was made richer by the love of my family and friends.”
  • “I learned more from hardships that gratitude is the most meaningful prayer of all.”

Use quotes or lines from famous funeral speeches for inspiration.

For example: 

  • “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)
  • “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” (Abraham Lincoln)
  • “Life is a succession of lessons that must be lived to be understood.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Highlight meaningful times and relationships that shaped your life.

For example:

  • When you met your spouse or partner
  • Your children’s birth or adoption
  • When you reach a life milestone

Your Eulogy and Preplanning

Start writing your eulogy now. Sharing your life story with loved ones is a gift. Another way to show your family how much you care is by making prepaid funeral arrangements. You’ll protect your spouse and other loved ones from making rushed decisions in a time of stress and grief. Preplanning ensures they know your last wishes. And when you plan ahead with Tulip, you pay today’s prices.

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