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John & Christine's Story

John and Christine purchased their Tulip prearrangements together. After seeing the upheaval from two members who passed without plans, they decided to get everything ready – wills, healthcare proxy, power of attorney, and cremation arrangements. “We watched what happens to the family after two members passed without any plans, and the trauma of not having arrangements,” Christine said. “It made sense,” John added. “Having everything already arranged and paid for makes it easier for everyone involved and gives us peace of mind.”

John’s parents had preplanned arrangements with a local funeral home. That sparked a conversation about cremation and final wishes between John, Christine, and their two adult children. But they didn’t want to pick just anyone to handle their final arrangements. According to John, John’s stepfather passed away, and the funeral home dragged its feet on getting the death certificate. The same thing happened with the funeral home that cremated John’s brother. And neither John nor Christine wants a big to-do after they pass. 

Christine is retired and on disability, but she was a professional dog groomer. John is a technician for a local cable and internet company. They live in Larmier County, Colorado, about 75 miles from where their oldest son lives in Denver (their youngest son lives with his family in Wichita). This distance prompted John and Christine to add Tulip’s optional travel protection to their prearranged plans. Once purchased, there is no additional charge to collect and transport from a location 75 miles or more away.

They did talk to a local funeral home – big, traditional, and expensive. John and Christine also considered a large cremation society. But with Tulip, they had a more personal experience. They didn’t have to go to a funeral home or have a representative give a sales pitch in their home was a big plus, too. “No presentation, no pressure,” John said. “Just the simplest and easiest,” Christine added. 

Riding motorcycles makes John and Christine very cool grandparents to their three beloved grandkids. For a few years, neither one owned a car. Unless the roads were icy, they rode John’s Harley everywhere, including the grocery store. “People would watch us pack the saddlebags with groceries,” John said. “They couldn’t believe how much we fit in there,” added Christine. 

These days, Christine has her own motorcycle. They’re looking forward to road trips without worrying about planning; their Tulip prearrangement information is printed and tucked away for their kids. The only planning they need is to remember to ride closed-mouth; otherwise, says John, you get bugs in your teeth.