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Planning Ahead Is Simple with Tulip

Simple, transparent preplanned arrangements that you can make online or over the phone in a few minutes. Making plans today reduces anxiety and stress on you and your loved ones.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy life with the security that your cremation arrangements are complete without undue stress on your loved ones.

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Make Your Final Wishes Clear

Take charge of your final arrangements to ensure your last wishes are respected and fulfilled without confusion.

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Reduce Stress on Your Family

Protect your family members, partner, or close friends from having to make difficult decisions during a time of grief.

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Lock in Today's Price

Cremation and funeral costs have almost doubled over the past 10 years. With a prepaid plan you lock in today's prices for services in the future.

Our Process

Our family care specialists guide you through the process of selecting prearrangements. In about fifteen minutes, you'll have everything in place exactly to your wishes. There's no funeral home visit required, no high-pressure sales, and no hidden surprises.

With Tulip, you get exactly what you want and nothing more. We are leaders in simple direct cremation because we combine affordability with exceptional care and service.

Making prearrangements with Tulip ensures that there are no questions or confusion when the time comes. It is a gift of peace of mind for you and your loved ones. 

Remember – we're here whenever you need us.

Step 1

Make Arrangements Ahead of Time

Contact Tulip and make arrangements online or over the phone. No funeral home visit is required.

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Step 2

Complete Paperwork in Advance

Our Care Team can help you fill out the paperwork so that we can obtain the necessary permits and request death certificates after passing.

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Step 3

Payment Plan Available

Choose to pay in full or use our convenient payment plan. Prearranging locks in today’s prices, so there’s no additional expense.

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Step 4

Your Family Contacts Us

Your family or personal representative calls Tulip when our services are required. Everything is paid and completed, without undue stress on your loved ones.

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Every Tulip Prearrangement Plan Includes:

  • Secure transportation into our care from the place of passing
  • Registration of passing and obtaining necessary permits
  • A private, respectful cremation
  • The safe return of ashes via USPS Priority Mail Express or unwitnessed scattering at sea (additional cost of $250)

For Complete Peace of Mind:

The last thing you'd ever plan for during a vacation (or even a quick trip), is a death away from home. With our Protection Plan, your travel costs are covered when you're 75 miles away from home. This plan never expires and there are no age limits or health provisions. Travel the world without ever being too far from home.

Simple, transparent pricing

With Tulip cremation logo Tulip

Tulip's Simple, Direct Cremation Starting at


  • No location costs
  • Non-commissioned family care specialists
  • No hidden charges

All under the guidance of a funeral director and our expert care team.

Traditional Funeral Services

Average Cost


  • Costly brick & mortar location
  • Representatives work on commission
  • Complicated pricing

Lock In Today’s Prices

Make your cremation arrangements today and protect your partner, family, or loved ones from unnecessary financial burden. Tulip’s simple prearrangements let you lock in today’s prices. 

Tulip allows you to pay for your prearrangements upfront or spread the cost if you qualify for our 36-month payment plan. Either way, we’ll refund you the total amount paid if you change your mind within 30 days of purchase. 

We place your investment with a leading insurance carrier for safekeeping. We don’t access your funds until you need our services. If something were to happen to Tulip, your plans would remain intact and secure.

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