Affordable high-quality cremation services

Transparent pricing with no surprises ranging from $600 - $1450.


Non-traditional pricing, exceptional service

Tulip has a different business model than traditional funeral homes. Our direct cremation service is simple. We don’t require an in-person visit, and we don’t sell caskets, embalming, or memorial services, so we don’t need to maintain brick & mortar showrooms or a large staff of people to sell them.

By making all arrangements online or over the phone, we keep our overhead costs low and pass those savings to you. We work on your schedule, and in your budget.

Our funeral directors and family care specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions and assist you.

How Tulip is different

Simple cremation services without additional costs


Personalized prices include only what you need

At Tulip we believe in transparent pricing that’s personalized to fit your requirements. You answer a few easy questions. We'll determine the exact price for you, and ensure that you're only paying for what you need.

Our direct cremation service includes collection of your loved one, filing of paperwork and permits, the actual cremation, a simple container, and the cremated remains returned safely back to you.

You can choose to pay upfront or in monthly installments. Once you’ve paid, we’ll take care of everything and keep you updated all along the way.

Elements that make up the cost:

  • Whether you’re looking for service now or planning for the future
  • Where we collect you or your loved one
  • State and local legal requirements
  • Additional support required (e.g. if > 300 lbs)
  • Removal of implants like pacemakers, etc.
  • How we’ll return the ashes (e.g delivery or pickup service)
  • Copies of the death certificate

Cremating a loved one is never easy, but our team is here to help. No hidden fees, no surprises. Pay upfront or choose a monthly payment plan.

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  • A loved one has passed
  • A loved one is about to pass
  • I'm planning for the future