At Tulip, we have the utmost respect for the men and women who take care of patients before they pass. You are experts at caring for those who are in their final days and weeks. Your knowledge, comfort, and insight are invaluable and we know how much families trust and rely on you.

We’ve designed Tulip Cares Professional to offer you resources to make your jobs just a bit easier. We’ve reached out to trained hospice and palliative nurses and other end of life care professionals to design resources they wish they had to share with families. We’ll also include articles and tools to help explain funeral and cremation planning so you can better guide families through the next phase in their loved one’s journey.

As you explore our site, we hope you find helpful information to assist you in caring for your patients and their families. We thank you for the work that you do, and hope Tulip Cares can serve as a tool for you and the families you serve.

How to Plan a Living Funeral

Celebrate your loved one’s life with them, not without. A living funeral might sound like an oxymoron, but this type of ceremony is gaining popularity worldwide. Depending on you, your loved ones, and life circumstances, a living funeral is a thoughtful way to celebrate a life well-lived. Living funerals, or pre-funerals, are celebrations held while…

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Funeral Director’s Education 101: What does it take to become a funeral director?

Funeral directors are with us on our worst days. They help us to make sense of our grief and complete our loved one’s wishes. But what does it take to be a funeral director? Read on to learn about the process of becoming a funeral director. Educational Requirements: Funeral directors need a high school diploma…

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What is Death Positive? Reducing Anxiety During Uncertain Times

What is Death Positive? Reducing Anxiety During Uncertain Times One of the main trends of the 2019 Global Wellness Summit was ‘dying well’. For many people, the phase may seem a bit contradictory. How does someone die well? In more extreme circles, dying is considered the ultimate end, and really, the ultimate failure of humanity.…

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